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The Dr. Seuss Experience

Client: Kilburn Live Entertainment

Business challenge:

The agency was charged with developing a strategic communications

program to launch the North American tour of The Dr. Seuss Experience, driving advanced and sustained ticket sales, while cultivating brand love among fans, old and new.


The team generated maximum awareness via comprehensive media relations with

exclusive media previews – connecting with families with children, literary enthusiasts, school

groups, and nostalgic young adults. The agency capitalized on a retro resurgence trend,

bringing a sense of neo-nostalgia to the forefront, which also produced sharable,

“Instagrammable” moments.​ Whimsical Dr. Seuss mementos delighted GTA-based

radio station on-air personalities, influencers and creators. The news bureau program offered

seasonal storytelling for holiday gifting and holidays and to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday, the

agency coordinated a “Seusstastic cake-off” live on Breakfast Television – featuring creations

from three leading bakers that drew their inspiration by The Dr. Seuss Experience.


This campaign was wildly successful generating 416 media hits and 132 million

impressions and delivered an MPR score of 95.37 per cent with a CPC of $0.0004.  More than 70 pieces of social media content was shared, reaching 2.4 million, with an engagement rate of 11.5 per cent.  Most importantly, the Dr. Seuss Experience enjoyed sold-out crowds consistently during its run, generating hype in every corner of the city.


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