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About Us


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We see the possibilities in every canvas. Each brush stroke has a purpose.

Every colour palette and texture can turn a flat canvas into something rich and memorable. Creating impact - it doesn’t just happen.  It requires intentionality and technical precision, inspiration, and a dogged commitment.

We don’t believe in one size-fits all solutions.  We start with what you bring to the table, examine every angle, and blend fresh ideas drawn from decades of experience.  We then use the finest tools and insights to bring your story to life.  


We have an authentically cultivated network of trusting relationships with influencers, experts and media across multiple categories. We develop creative, sharable collaborations and then amplify them via paid, earned, and owned channels to maximize results.


The Edery & Lord team brings to the table more than 130 industry awards for its strategic, business results-driven campaigns.


We provide national reach with local on the ground relevance.

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Meet Our Team

Artistic headshot of Martine Levy, Managing Director at PR agency Edery & Lord

Martine Lévy

Co-founder, Partner

Even as a child, there were rumors that Martine was an instigator. This was around the time when she first realized that she could use magic to change opinion. Naturally, she used her powers to show that she was really just a normal kid – who just happened to also be a great organizer, planner, and opinion leader. Martine has spent the last 36 years engaging her skills and weaving magic for clients from the consumer, corporate, healthcare and entertainment sectors, 25 of which she served as the founder and managing director of DDB Public Relations, the PR discipline of DDB Canada. Her relentless energy, drive for excellence and dogged commitment to generating results was instrumental in leading the agency to garner global recognition and Agency of the Year titles. Martine also provided strategic oversight for all corporate communications efforts on behalf of the DDB Canada Group of companies. A marketing and public relations specialist who thrives on storytelling, she has spearheaded category-defining campaigns for a host of leading clients. A respected industry veteran, Martine is a founder of MRP, Canada’s standard for measuring editorial media coverage.

Artistic headshot of Brigitte Filiatrault at PR agency Edery & Lord

Brigitte Filiatrault

Quebec PR Director

From a young age, the medical field fascinated Brigitte, thus before starting her career in PR, she studied nursing for 18 months, including a six-month internship at St-Luc Hospital in Montreal. An author of two books, her first ‘Je ne sais pas… je suis adoptée…’ chronicles her 41-year search to find her biological family and the identity of her birth mother. Her second book, to be published in 2024, is a psychological thriller. A skilled PR practitioner, Brigitte has more than two decades of experience in strategic communications, media relations and issues management. She excels at media relations and storytelling and is particularly adept at refining messaging and adapting communications strategies for maximum impact in the Quebec market. Brigitte is also a highly accomplished golfer.

Artistic headshot of Keka DasGupta at PR agency Edery & Lord

Keka DasGupta

SVP, Director of Strategic Planning

It is widely believed that the lights on Broadway momentarily flickered, at the same instant that Keka made the decision to turn her attentions away from the stage and focus her sights on a career in PR. Even at an early age, her natural talent, charm, and charisma was so dazzling that it seemed impossible to imagine her in any role but star of stage and screen. Keka has 25 years of award-winning public relations, corporate communications, and cause-related marketing experience across a wide range of sectors. Keka is also a TEDx keynote speaker, and the founder of a personal empowerment brand called The Art of Life-ing. She speaks at schools and corporate companies across North America about gratitude, bullying prevention and mental wellness through her program, Gratitude Mirrors.

Artistic headshot of Paige Calvert at PR agency Edery & Lord

Paige Calvert

Senior Account Director

To describe Paige as being a curious child is an understatement. Not only was “why” her first word, but much to her parents’ bewilderment, she was more interested in dismantling her toys and games – to understand how they worked – than when she was playing with them. Her curiosity led her to living stints abroad in Italy, Korea, and Australia, as well as, exploring 32 countries at last count. Her talents in trip planning and research transferred into solid communications planning expertise for clients in both corporate and consumer sectors. Over the past 22 years, she has applied her many talents in corporate storytelling, media relations, event management, social strategies, and issues management. Prior to joining the agency, Paige was responsible for championing the DDB Canada brand and its disciplines across social, digital, CRM, shopper marketing, design for 15 years. Paige resides in Vancouver and provides her west coast perspective to support the agency’s clients.

Artistic headshot of Tom Hogue at PR agency Edery & Lord

Tom Hogue

VP Technology & Business

It was an elementary teacher who first remarked on seeing early signs of artificial intelligence in Tom. The misdiagnosis did not deter this curious fellow from putting dreams into action. He put himself through university as a deckhand on a coast guard cutter and founded a newspaper early in a career that focused on how ideas take hold in the marketplace. Tom has spent decades delivering high impact communications to disrupt and innovate markets for a wide range of organizations. He has held a host of executive positions including assistant managing editor at the Financial Post and National Post, where he created and led to market IT Monthly, and FP Telecom among hundreds of other special sections. He was also Canadian editor of the Mastering Enterprise and Mastering Global Business publications with partner Financial Times of London and served as editor of the 50 Best Managed Companies. He remains intrigued by how things work.

Artistic headshot of Abby Daez-Vair at PR agency Edery & Lord

Abby Daez-Vair

Account Director

A chef’s daughter, Abby’s epicurean tastes are in her DNA. Talking, photographing, making, and partaking in cuisine is not just a passion for Abby, but a gold-medal Olympic sport. Adding her own personal flair to recipes, cooking is all about marrying tradition and innovation. A skilled kitchen practitioner, who knows just how to whip up something delicious from the few remaining ingredients in the fridge, Abby’s creativity extends to her work as an award-winning communicator with public relations, influencer and social media experience in the consumer lifestyle and corporate sectors. A creative storyteller with excellent media and influencer relationships, Abby has a proven track record in garnering coverage for clients across broadcast, print and online outlets. She has also produced highly impactful influencer collaborations across a wide spectrum of clients.

Artistic headshot of Amanda King at PR agency Edery & Lord

Amanda King

Account Director

From a very young age Amanda's favourite colour was pink, so it's no surprise that she found a way to turn her passion for pink into a lifelong career. Playing with Barbies helped pave the way for coordinating branded fashion shows during her tenure at Nine West. Her flair for giving makeovers proved invaluable while she represented beauty brands including Dove, Revlon, Joico, Innisfree and Coty. And her love for taking pink photos served her well when social media content creation came into vogue and is part of the aesthetic for her personal blog and Instagram account @Pinkthetown. A skilled PR practitioner with over the 15 years’ experience, Amanda has focused her career in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle categories, sprinkling a little touch of pink along the way.

Artistic headshot of Carolina Surma at PR agency Edery & Lord

Carolina Surma

Account Manager

Carolina was once told by her high-school math teacher that some people are just not meant to understand calculus. From there, she was determined to find a niche where she could combine her creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, business savviness, and her zest for storytelling. Thanks to her shameless love of reality TV, she stumbled upon public relations and communications, which led her down the path to creating exceptional client experiences while taking a results-driven approach to all her work. With a background that spans multiple sectors, primarily focusing on lifestyle, fashion, food and beverage, and CPG, she has effectively led strategy development, influencer programming, media relations and event planning while propelling the brand voice. She's here to prove that even if you can't calculate the area under a curve, you can still curve out a successful and exciting career.

Artistic headshot of Loreica Peralta at PR agency Edery & Lord

Loreica Peralta

Account Executive

Loreica’s love of the written word blossomed at a young age. In her childhood, she was often found buried in piles of books, writing short stories and poems or hosting an impromptu radio talk show in her living room. This early exposure to different methods of communication taught her the importance of leveraging descriptive language and emotional storytelling. With a background in public relations, marketing, and social media, Loreica strives to entertain, inspire, and educate audiences via creative writing, and media relations.

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