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John Cleese: Why There Is No Hope

Client: Unique Lives & Experiences

Business challenge:

When the North American tour of John Cleese’s Why There Is No Hope stand-up comedy show was abruptly cancelled due to the pandemic, the agency was challenged to promote the live stream of the show to a global audience, a mere six weeks before the event.


A strategic audit of Cleese’s global fan base allowed the agency to

pinpoint international centres and vehicles where his fans were most engaged

and pre-disposed to receive messaging. Through the agency’s research and

analysis, it was determined that there was an over saturation of his brand stemming from the extensive touring Cleese had undertaken with his last two live shows. To realize maximum coverage for the livestream, the team developed strategic messaging that leveraged current events, engaging media via on one storytelling that played on matter-of-fact conversations with the outspoken comedian.​


The campaign generated attention-getting headlines that garnered 236

stories in publications across the globe, including tier one outlets such as The

New York Times, The Houston Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, NPR, India Times, and the Sydney Morning Herald. Over 50 million impressions were generated with an MRP score of 87 per cent. The livestream received critical acclaim and enjoyed a sold-out performance.


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