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Bringing back
impeccable client service

Edery & Lord is an independent, owner-operated communications agency. We opened our doors in April 2020 in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, with a strong, passionate team of seasoned PR professionals. Founded by two veteran PR practitioners, Martine Lévy and Victoria Lord, our team is on a mission to bring back impeccable client service to the foundations of today’s Public Relations practice.

Meet our senior team

Martine Lévy

Co-founder, Partner

Even as a child, there were rumors that Martine was an instigator.

This was around the time when she first realized that she could use magic to change opinion. Naturally, she used her powers to show that she was really just a normal kid – who just happened to also be a great organizer, planner, and opinion leader.


Martine has spent the last 36 years engaging her skills and weaving magic for clients from the consumer, corporate, healthcare and entertainment sectors, 25 of which she served as the founder and managing director of DDB Public Relations, the PR discipline of integrated shop DDB Canada. 


Her relentless energy, drive for excellence and dogged commitment to generating results was instrumental in leading the agency to garner global recognition and Agency of the Year titles. Martine also provided strategic oversight for all corporate communications efforts on behalf of the DDB Canada Group of companies. 


A marketing and public relations specialist who thrives on storytelling, she has spearheaded best-in-class, category-defining campaigns for a host of leading clients. 

A respected industry veteran, Martine is a founder of MRP, Canada’s standard for measuring editorial media coverage.

Martine Levy PINK.jpg

Victoria Lord

Co-founder, Partner

One of Victoria’s fondest childhood memories involves hiding in a grove of crab-apple trees belting out ABBA songs for unsuspecting passersby.


Though the experience quickly relieved her of any interest in public performances,

it did signal her uncanny aptitude for engaging interest with out-of-the-box, innovative thinking.


From behind the scenes, Victoria has managed high profile campaigns for some of the world’s top talent, amassing over 27 years of industry experience.  


Specializing in the entertainment, music, arts and hospitality sectors, Victoria is a seasoned media relations specialist, strategist and communications expert who excels at generating national buzz within multiple categories.


She has a solid reputation as a knowledgeable resource with a talent for creating compelling stories and making meaningful connections for clients. 

VIC NEW 2.jpg

Keka DasGupta

VP, Strategy

It is widely believed that the lights on Broadway momentarily flickered, when Keka directed her first play at age seven.


While she may indeed have been destined for the stage, when she discovered PR and how she could help brands win over fans on a world stage, she knew she had found her true calling.


Today, Keka is an award-winning consumer, corporate communications, crisis/issues management and new business development expert with 23-years of experience across a wide range of sectors.


She served at DDB Public Relations as vice president for 16 years, and prior to that, worked at IKEA for seven years, managing all aspects of the company’s PR profile, including serving as their national media spokesperson on corporate and consumer issues.


Incidentally, Keka has also returned to the stage personally today as a TEDx and international professional speaker, and founder of a global personal development brand called, “The Art of Life-ing.” 

KEKA 7.jpg

Winning the "Oscars of the PR industry"

IABC Gold Quill - Agency of the Year_edited.jpg
IABC Gold Quill AOY Win_edited_edited.jpg

DID YOU KNOW? Senior members of the Edery & Lord team were awarded the highest honour in the PR industry globally a few years ago, receiving the IABC Gold Quill Award for Agency of the Year. We couldn't resist sharing the "official photo" alongside a candid behind-the-scenes shot that perfectly captured our elation in receiving this incredible distinction. 

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